Increasing Summer Reading

Increasing Summer Reading
Posted on 06/14/2018
Summer Reading

Five Ways to Increase Summer Reading

1. Library-Palooza

Make plans to check out multiple libraries in your town/city.  Often, local libraries host events throughout the summer. Check to see what the libraries near you have to offer.

2. Sign up for Scholastic's Summer Reading Program

Motivate your children with the Summer Reading Challenge from Scholastic. This year's theme is "Reading Under the Stars," and is sure to offer lots of fun -- along with plenty of great resources for parents and educators. Join with kids across the nation to set a new world reading record!

3. Change the Location

A change in surroundings or environment may increase interest for more hesitant readers. Spread out a picnic blanket and read in the backyard. Set up the camping tent or create a blanket fort in the kitchen and designate it as a reading spot.

4. Read a Variety of Books

Expose your children to a variety of books this summer. Introduce them to new genres. Explore new sections of the library together. Your child may discover she loves reading to learn new information or skills.

5. Set an Example

At a conference this summer, LeVar Burton said, "My mom not only read to me, but in front of me." Our example can help set our children on the path towards a life-long love of literacy. Setting aside time each day for family reading lets our children know that we value and enjoy reading. While you are busy encouraging your child to make time to read, make plans to dive into that novel your favorite movie is based on or stock up on some classics at the library.