Mission Statement


The mission of Twin Springs Elementary School is to provide a learning environment that fosters the intellectual growth and development of children, to assist students in developing their potential, to create an environment where all children are treated with dignity and respect, and to assist students in becoming responsible members of their school, their community, and society as a whole.


The primary purpose of Twin Springs Elementary School is to provide for the intellectual, emotional, social, personal, and physical well-being of its students. This can best be accomplished through the interaction of home, school, and community in planning the needs of the students both as a group and as individuals. The academic skills will be emphasized in order to prepare the students for higher levels of study in preparation for a life’s vocation. The students should develop a feeling of self-respect, patriotism and loyalty to their country, state and local community.

We recognize our responsibility for the intellectual development of every student based on his potentials, by providing:

  • instruction in the basic skills of communication that will enable each student to read, write,spell, and speak with fluency and clarity;

  • instruction in the basic skills of mathematics that will enable him to add, subtract, multiply and divide with meaning and accuracy and gain satisfaction from conclusions that are based on orderly and analytical thinking;
  • experiences in the social and physical sciences;

  • a program that seeks to promote physical fitness and health

  • experiences in the fine arts that will enable students to appreciate the beauty of nature, music,

    art and literature;

  • experiences that allow for expression of creativity;

We believe that the school shares with the home the responsibility of the child’s emotional development and the development of a positive self-concept by:

  • recognizing the individual worth and dignity of each student;

  • enabling each student to experience daily success;

  • encouraging the wise use of leisure time.

We accept the responsibility, which is shared equally with the home and community, of the social and personal development of our students by:

  • instilling the principles of honesty and integrity among students and between students and faculty;

  • providing experiences in good citizenship that will instill the desire to perpetuate democratic ideals;

  • promoting wholesome social behavior that recognizes acceptable manners, self-discipline

  • and group discipline that provide for an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

We recognize the principle that the schools belong to the people, and the schools are to serve the community by determining and meeting its needs. This principle implies that the community will give the school its financial and moral support and assist in its activities.

The faculty and staff accept their responsibility for personal and moral integrity and professional growth. We also accept the belief that we should be enthusiastic, dedicated and possess a deep and warm concern for the rights and needs of all students.


In accordance with our stated principles, we propose to implement the philosophy of our school in all phases of development.

To insure intellectual stimulation for each student in all areas we will:

  • provide a program of instruction that incorporates experiences in the communication skills and in the basic fundamentals of mathematics;

  • provide a program of instruction in the social and physical sciences and activities that compliment them;

  • give students the opportunity to use their talents in the expression of creativity art, music and drama and to stimulate an appreciation in all students for the fine arts.

We recognize that they physical development of each student is conducive to his total well-being. Therefore, to create balanced individuals, we will:

  • provide formal and informal exercises in physical activities which promote normal growth and physical development;

  • provide nutritious meals available to all students;

  • provide instruction in health that will promote individually good health habits.

In order to enable each student to develop into mature and emotionally healthy people, we will:

  • treat each child as an individual and help him become aware of his own value;

  • allow the students to work at his own level and rate of speed;

  • provide a variety of acceptable free time activities;

  • emphasize positive attitudes rather than negative ones;

  • work closely with parents in understanding the emotional needs of our students;

  • provide an atmosphere in which students feel accepted and secure.

To develop healthy social and personal growth in each student, we will:

  • provide wholesome relationships among students and between faculty and students on the buses, in the corridors, in the classrooms, on the playground, in the cafeteria, in school assemblies and on field trips.

  • provide a background in social science classes that familiarizes students with the history, customs, and culture of the American people;

  • provide activities that promote an understanding of the democratic processes;

  • provide daily practices in good citizenship;

  • involve students with teachers in developing practices that are conducive to wholesome behavior.

We recognize that the school does not function in a vacuum in the community. To encourage greater interaction between the school and the community, we will:

  • provide for a wholesome school-community relationship by making school facilities available to the community;

  • involve parents and other community people in planning

  • and implementing school programs and its activities;

  • know the people of the community in order to establish good rapport and a wholesome working relationship;

  • provide time and opportunities for parent-teacher conferences;

  • use the news media and personal communication to inform the community of school activities.

We recognize the need for continuous professional growth. In order to facilitate this growth, we will:

  • take advantage of available in-service training and extension classes;

  • encourage teachers to engage in research and advanced studies;

  • recognize the professional teacher as a person of strong moral character and unquestionable

  • personal integrity.

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